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Finding Genius Podcast

Rick Maizels was recently interviewed by Finding Genius with a podcast available through various sites including the Finding Genius website, and Apple Podcasts through iTunes. Or you can reach it quickly here : And here is the summary from Finding Genius: Parasites are a neglected area of medicine and Rick Maizels is working to…
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New On-line Seminar Series !

Raffi Aroian (University of Massachusetts) and Richard Martin (Iowa State University) have initiated a new International Parasitic Worm online seminar series, entitled ZAPWorms (Zoom About Parasitic Worms) - url is Seminars are at 5pm GMT/6pm CET/12 noon EST. The speakers for 2021 already scheduled are : January 14, 2021: Rick Maizels, University of Glasgow…
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Highly Cited Researcher

Rick Maizels has been recognised as a "Highly Cited Researcher" by the Web of Science for 2020, having published multiple highly-cited papers ranking in the top 1% of citations for field and year.
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Two new positions in the Maizels Lab, closing date 01/10/20

Two Post-Doctoral Research Positions in the Maizels Lab at the University of Glasgow We are advertising 2 posts in Rick Maizels’ lab within the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (WCIP), at Glasgow University’s Institute for Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (3is). Both are funded through grants from the Wellcome Trust, and the post-holders will join a group…
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New Review in Immunity ————– Now Published

A new comprehensive review on molecular mediators from helminths has been co-authored by Rick Maizels, Hermelijn Smits (Leiden University Medical Center) and Henry McSorley (University of Edinburgh). Maizels RM, Smits HH, & McSorley HJ (2018) Modulation of Host Immunity by Helminths: The Expanding Repertoire of Parasite Effector Molecules. Immunity 49(5):801-818. DOI: Open access here !
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Two Major New Papers – ARI and TGM

Two Major New Papers out at the end of 2017 ! Johnston, C.J.C., Smyth, D.J., Kodali, R.B., White, M.P.J., Harcus, Y., Filbey, K.J., Hewitson, J.P., Hinck, C.S., Ivens, A., Kemter, A.M., Kildemoes, A.O., Le Bihan, T., Soares, D., Anderton, S.M., Brenn, T., Wigmore, S.J., Woodcock, H., Chambers, R.C., Hinck, A.P., McSorley, H.J. and Maizels, R.M.…
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