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Two new positions in the Maizels Lab, closing date 01/10/20

Two Post-Doctoral Research Positions in the Maizels Lab at the University of Glasgow We are advertising 2 posts in Rick Maizels’ lab within the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (WCIP), at Glasgow University’s Institute for Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (3is). Both are funded through grants from the Wellcome Trust, and the post-holders will join a group…
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New Review in Immunity ————– Now Published

A new comprehensive review on molecular mediators from helminths has been co-authored by Rick Maizels, Hermelijn Smits (Leiden University Medical Center) and Henry McSorley (University of Edinburgh). Maizels RM, Smits HH, & McSorley HJ (2018) Modulation of Host Immunity by Helminths: The Expanding Repertoire of Parasite Effector Molecules. Immunity 49(5):801-818. DOI: Open access here !
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Two Major New Papers – ARI and TGM

Two Major New Papers out at the end of 2017 ! Johnston, C.J.C., Smyth, D.J., Kodali, R.B., White, M.P.J., Harcus, Y., Filbey, K.J., Hewitson, J.P., Hinck, C.S., Ivens, A., Kemter, A.M., Kildemoes, A.O., Le Bihan, T., Soares, D., Anderton, S.M., Brenn, T., Wigmore, S.J., Woodcock, H., Chambers, R.C., Hinck, A.P., McSorley, H.J. and Maizels, R.M.…
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Maizels Lab in Hydra 2017

Past and present Maizels Lab members gathered at the  2017 Hydra Conference  - for high-res image click here.  From left to right: Irma Shabussova (Medical University of Vienna), Anna Kildemoes (University of Copenhagen), Stephan Löser(University of Glasgow), Fumi Varyani (University of Edinburgh), Claire Drurey (University of Glasgow), Henry McSorley (University of Edinburgh), Kara Filbey (Malaghan…
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