David Dresser’s recent publications available

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Dresser, D.W. (2014). The Transcription Factors GATA-1 and GATA-4 have opposite effects on DNA expression drivers by an Amh promoter.  American Journal of Molecular Biology 4, (150-158).

Dresser, D.W. (2013). Interaction betweeen the Wilms tumour factor-1 element in the promoter of Amh and a downstream enhancer is required for a strong expression of the gene in pre-pubertal sertoli cells. American Journal of Molecular Biology 3, online

Dresser, D.W. (2012). Mutated elements of a complex promoter (Amh) can help to demonstrate the role of certain elements in controlling differential gene expression. American Journal of Molecular Biology 2, (351-358).

Dozmorov, I.M., and Dresser, D. (2010). Immune System as a Sensory System. Int J Biomed Sci 6, (167-175).

Dresser, D.W., and Guerrier, D. (2005). Candidate Sertoli cell specific promoter element for a TGFbeta family member (Amh) and a 3' UTR enhancer/repressor for the same gene. Gene 363, (159-165).

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