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Past and present Maizels Lab members gathered at the  2017 Hydra Conference  - for high-res image click here.  : from left to right: Irma Shabussova (Medical University of Vienna), Anna Kildemoes (University of Copenhagen), Stephan Löser (University of Glasgow), Fumi Varyani (University of Edinburgh), Claire Drurey (University of Glasgow), Henry McSorley (University of Edinburgh), Kara Filbey (Malaghan Institute for Medical Research, Wellington NZ), James Hewitson (University of York), Alex Loukas (James Cook University, Cairns, Australia), Danielle Smyth (University of Glasgow), Rick Maizels (University of Glasgow), Judi Allen (University of Manchester), John Grainger (University of Manchester) and Cecilia Fernández (University of the Republic, Montevideo).