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Maizels Lab Publications 2021-2022 (338- )


349. Drurey, C., Lindholm, H., Coakley, G., Campillo Poveda, M., Loeser, S., Doolan, R., Gerbe, F., Jay, P., Harris, N., Oudhoff, M.J. and Maizels, R.M.  (2022) Intestinal epithelial tuft cell induction is negated by a murine helminth and its secreted products. Journal of Experimental Medicine 219: e20211140. Open Access Article on J Exp Med website here. Commentary by Elia Tait Wojno here.

350.  Maizels, R.M. (2022) Ascarosides from helminths pack a punch against allergy. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 119: e2202250119. Open Access Article on PNAS website here.

351.  Maizels, R.M. (2021) Under the Influence : the Systemic Consequences of Helminth Infection In Helminth Infections and their Impact on Global Public Health (Ed. Bruschi, F.)  Springer Nature, in press. Available on request from author.

352.  Varyani, F., Löser,S., Filbey, K.J., Harcus, Y., Drurey, C., Campillo-Poveda, M., Rasid, O., White, M., Smyth, D.J., Gerbe, F., Jay, P. and Maizels, R.M. (2021) The IL-25-dependent tuft cell circuit driven by intestinal helminths requires macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF). Mucosal Immunology accepted 11.02.22. Open Access Article on Mucosal Immunology website here.

353.  Webster, H.C., Gamino, V., Shergold, A.L., Andrusaite, A.T., Heieis, G.A., Milling, S.W.F., Maizels, R.M. and Perona-Wright, G. (2021) Tissue-based IL-10 signalling in helminth infection promotes the intestinal Th2 response. Mucosal Immunology in press


338. Berkachy, R., Smyth, D.J., Schnoeller, C., Harcus, Y., Maizels, R.M., Selkirk M.E. and Gounaris, K. (2021) Characterization of the secreted apyrase family of Heligmosomoides polygyrus. International Journal of Parasitology 51: 39-48 PubMed Link

339. Cook, L., Reid, K.T., Häkkinen, E., de Bie, B., Tanaka, S., Smyth, D.J., White, M.P.J., Wong, M.Q., Huang, Q., Gillies, J.K., Ziegler, S.F., Maizels, R.M. and  Levings, M.K. (2021) Induction of stable human FOXP3+ T regs by a parasite-derived TGFβ mimic. Immunology and Cell Biology, 99: 833-847. PDF here.

340. Crittenden, S., Goepp, M., Robb, C., Adima, A., Smyth, D.J., O'Connor, R., Adams, A., Lo, X.-F.,   Ho, G.-T., Zhou, Y., Zheng, X., Mair, A., Vermeren, S., Qian, B.-Z., Mole, D., Schwarze, J., Breyer, R., Iredale, J., Anderton, S., Satsangi, J., Narumiya, S., Maizels, R.M., Rossi, A.G., Howie, S and Yao, C.  (2021) Prostaglandin E2 promotes intestinal inflammation via inhibiting microbiota-dependent regulatory T cells. Science Advances 7: 7954 PubMed Link

341. Drurey, C. and Maizels, R.M. (2021) Helminth extracellular vesicles : Interactions with the immune system. Molecular Immunology 137: 124-133. PDF here

342. Hildersley, K.A, McNeilly, T.M., Gillan, V., Otto, T.D., Loeser, S., Gerbe, F., Jay, P., Maizels, R.M., Devaney, E and Britton, C. (2021). Tuft cells increase following ovine intestinal parasite infections and define evolutionarily conserved and divergent responses Frontiers in Immunology 10.3880. Open Access Article on Frontiers website here.

343. Loukas, A., Hotez, P. and Maizels, R.M. (2021) The yin and yang of human soil-transmitted helminths International Journal of Parasitology, 51: 1243-1253. PDF here.

344. Maizels, R.M. (2021) The multi-faceted roles of TGF-β in regulation of immunity to infection. Advances in Immunology 150 : 1-42. PDF here.

345. Maizels, R.M. (2021) Identifying novel candidates and configurations for human helminth vaccines.  Expert Review of Vaccines 20 : 1389-1393. PDF here.

346. Oftedal, B.E. Maio, S., Handel, A., White, M.P.J., Howie, D., Davis, S., Prevot, N., Rota, I.A., Deadman, M.E., Kessler, B.M., Fischer, R., Trede, N.S., Sezgin, E., Maizels, R.M. and Hollander, G.A. (2021) The chaperonin CCT8 controls proteostasis for T cell maturation, selection and function. Commun  Biol 4: 681. PubMed Link.

347. Smyth, D.J., Ren, B., White, M., McManus, C., Webster, H., Shek, V., Evans, C., Pandhal, J., Fields, F., Maizels, R.M. and Mayfield, S. (2021). Oral delivery of a functional algal-expressed TGF-β mimic halts colitis in a murine DSS model. Journal of Biotechnology 340 : 1-12. Open Access PDF on Journal Website here.

348. White, M.P.J.,  Smyth, D.J., Cook, L., Ziegler, S.F., Levings, M. and Maizels, R.M. (2021) The parasite cytokine mimic Hp-TGM potently replicates the regulatory effects of TGF-β on murine T cells. Immunology and Cell Biology 99: 848-864. PDF here.

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