Immunomodulatory Effects

 The following table is based on a summary of the immunomodulatory effects of H. polygyrus published in Maizels et al (2012) Experimental Parasitology 132:76-89 (PDF). Information up to the end of 2011 is included, check back for updates!

Antigen-specific responses
Antibody to SRBC inhibited in infection (Ali and Behnke, 1983; Ali and Behnke, 1984; Shimp et al., 1975)
Antibody to SRBC inhibited by adult worm homogenate, and by cells from mice given adult worm homogenate (Pritchard et al., 1984)
Antibody to ovalbumin (Boitelle et al., 2005)
Immune cell functions
Inhibition of DC responses to TLR ligation, and reduction of IL-12 secretion (Massacand et al., 2009; Segura et al., 2007)
Expansion of  Foxp3+ CD103+ Tregs (Finney et al., 2007; Rausch et al., 2008)
Induction of bystander (OVA-specific) Foxp3+ Tregs (Grainger et al., 2010)
Inhibits colitis in IL-10-deficient mice (Elliott et al., 2004; Hang et al., 2010)
Inhibits TNBS-induced colitis (Sutton et al., 2008)
Inhibits Type I diabetes (Liu et al., 2009; Saunders et al., 2006)
Inhibits airway allergic inflammation (Kitagaki et al., 2006; Wilson et al., 2005)
Inhibits food allergy (Bashir et al., 2002)
Reduces liver immunopathological reactions to schistosome eggs (Bazzone et al., 2008)
Exacerbates Plasmodium chabaudi and P. yoelii infections, suppressing IFN-γ responses (Helmby, 2009; Noland et al., 2008; Su et al., 2005; Tetsutani et al., 2009)
Aggravates Citrobacter rodentium infection and colitis (Chen et al., 2005; Weng et al., 2007)
Extends Nippostrongylus brasiliensisTrichuris muris and Trichinella spiralis infections, suppresses IL-9 and mast cell response (Behnke et al., 1978; Behnke et al., 1993; Colwell and Wescott, 1973; Dehlawi et al., 1987; Jenkins and Behnke, 1977)
Modulates Helicobacter pylori-induced inflammation (Fox et al., 2000)
Results in greater Eimeria facliformis proliferation (Rausch et al., 2010)
Inhibits protective CD8+ T cell responses to Toxoplasma gondii (Khan et al., 2008)
Reduced antibody responses to haemagglutinin in influenza A infections (Chowaniec et al., 1972)
Reduces response to malaria and Salmonella vaccination (Druilhe et al., 2006; Su et al., 2006; Urban et al., 2007) 
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Last updated 04 November 2011