Lab Alumni - Postdocs

Murray Selkirk 1984-1986 Now Professor of Biochemical Parasitology, Imperial College

Jan Bradle1985-1988 Now Professor of Parasitology, University of Nottingham

Karen Day 1991 Now Professor and Dean of Science, Melbourne University

Mark Blaxter 1990-1993, Now Professor of Evolutionary Genomics, University of Edinburgh

David Gems 1991-1993, Now Professor, Institute of Healthy Ageing, University College London

Rachel Lawrence 1991-1995 Now Reader, Veterinary Basic Sciences, Royal Veterinary College

Judith Allen 1992-1997, Now Professor of Immunobiology, University of Manchester

Michele Murdoch 1992-1994, Now Consultant Dermatologist, Watford General Hospital

Natalia Gomez-Escobar 1995-2005, Most recently Head of Molecular Biology, MRC Laboratories, The Gambia

Alex Loukas 1995-1999, Now Professor at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia

Franco Falcone 1997-1999, Now Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham

Martin Holland 1997-2000, Now Professor of Microbial Immunity, London Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease Research

Adam Balic 2000-2007, Now at Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Lisa Colledge 2001-2002, Now Product Manager with Elsevier Press, the Netherlands

Matt Taylor 2001-2006, now Senior Lecturer, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, Edinburgh.

Gavin Nicoll 2003-2005, Now at Glasgow University Medical School

Irma Schabussova, 2003-2005. Now at the Medical University of Vienna

Francisca Mutapi 2003-2006. Now Professor, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, University of Edinburgh

Simmi Mahajan 2007-2008. Now Senior Research Scientist at Elanco Ltd, Greenfield, Indiana USA

Mark Pearson 2009-2011. PhD from Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane. Holds a C J Martin Fellowship. Now at John Cook University, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

James Hewitson 2005-2013. Now Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of York. Investigated immune modulation by secreted nematode proteins and new vaccines against gastrointestinal parastites.

Katie Smith 2007-2013. Now Marie Curie Fellow at University of Cape Town and Cardiff University.

Henry McSorley (2010-2014, funded through the American Asthma Foundation, 2010-2013, and Asthma UK, from 2013) Now Chancellor's Fellow at the Centre for Inflammation research at the University of Edinburgh.

Gillian Coakley (2016-2017) now at Monash University, Australia