Undergraduate Project Students

Project Students

We have always enjoyed taking Project Students into the lab for short research projects and training periods. Most are Honours year undergraduates on Immunology courses; we also take summer students (funded by Nuffield Foundation and Wellcome Trust) and students on placements or internships from other Universities home and abroad.

Current activities and links for past project students are given where known: please send in updates if you would like them added to this site!

Ian Stephens, Trinity College Dublin 2017. Co-author on Smyth et al 2018 

Edward Toke, University of Glasgow 2017 (and 2018!) Co-author on Smyth et al 2018 

Janina Nahler, University of Edinburgh, Wellcome Summer Student 2015. "Functional analysis of cytokine mimics from a parasitic helminth".  Co-author on Smyth et al 2018 

Alphy Pullely, University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria, 2015

Charles Earnshaw, Wellcome Summer student 2011: “Primary and secondary antibody maturation to a mouse parasite”

Nic Robertson, MSc Student, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2011: “Immune functions of Bm-SPN-2, a serpin produced by microfilariae of the parasitic nematode Brugia malayi

Sophie Wehenkel, Immunology honours 2011 : “Immunological characterization of a high molecular weight antigenic glycan (HMC65) from the rodent nematode Heligmosomoides polygyrus". Currently PhD student at University of Cardiff.

Victoria Pelly, Immunology honours 2010 : “ Natural and adaptive immune responses to parasite antigens”

Victor Reyes, Umana Wellcome Summer student 2009: “Suppression of mast cell responses”

Laura Maclean, Immunology Honours, 2009: "The Specificity of Regulatory T Cells in Helminth Infection"

Tom Skinner, Immunology Honours, 2009: "Mast cells, IL-9 and T cells: do Th9 cells exist?"

Lauren Webb, Nuffield Summer Scholarship, 2008 : "Phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein of the human filarial parasite Brugia malayi".

Andrea McConnell, Immunology Honours, 2008 : "The role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in resistance to Helminth parasites"

 Haydn Rogers, Immunology Honours, 2008 : "Identification of an immunodominant epitope in a filarial vaccine candidate"

Antonia Seidl, Immunology Honours, 2007 : "Generation of Th2 responses by Nippostrongylus brasiliensis excretory/secretory products"

David Sneddon, Immunology Honours, 2007 : "Th17 responses in helminth infections"

Edward Greenwood, Summer Student 2006 : "Induction of regulatory T cells by parasites".

Rebecca Roche, Immunology Honours, 2006 : "Do nematodes interfere with the IL-23 pathway of Th-17 induction by DCs?"

Tessa Child, Immunology Honours, 2006 : "Do regulatory T cells control B cell responses during chronic filarial infection?"

Alex Phythian-Adams, Immunology Honours 2005: "Do antigens from parasitic nematodes down regulate the host immune response?"

Michele Dolan, Summer Student 2004 from Trinity College Dublin : "Immune responses to secreted proteins of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis"

Josefin Fernius, Wellcome Trust Rotation Student, 2004 : "Regulatory and stimulatory dendritic cells in mucosal infection"

Jen Middleton, Immunology Honours 2004: "Filarial vaccination; what make irradiated larvae special?"

Frances Wiseman, Wellcome Trust Rotation Student 2003 : "Heterologous transfection of Leishmania"

Steffi Knopp, Diploma Student 2003 University of Tübingen : “Immunology of filarial parasites”

Kate Howe,  Immunology Honours, 2003 : "Can helminth DNA activate cells of the innate immune system and if so, modulate the host immune response?"

Michael Quail, Immunology Honours, 2003 : "The role of mast cells in the Th2 response"

Yasmine Ng, Medical Student, 2002 : “Epitopes of the ALT antigen”

Vicky Lampropoulou, Summer Student 2002 (second time!) "Circulating antigens in Litomosoides".

Ben Martynoga, Wellcome Trust Rotation Project, Spring 2002: "Role of cystatins in immune evasion"

Jo Morton, Immunology Honours 2002 : "Epitope mapping of a filarial vaccine antigen"

Vicky Lampropoulou, Summer Student 2001 "TGFbeta homologues in Echinococcus"

Mark Hillen, Wellcome Trust Rotation Project, Spring 2001: "TGF-beta homologues from Brugia malayi"

Michala Techau, Diploma Student, University of Copenhagen, 2001 : "Cloning and expression of the filarial homologue of macrophage migration inhibitory factor 1 from Litomosoides sigmodontis"

Emma Chambers, Molecular Biology Honours 2001 : "Characterisation of recombinant C-type lectins from nematode parasites"

Sue Farquhar, Immunology Honours 2001 : "Antigen presentation: interference by nematode parasites"

Simon Ellis, Parasitology Honours, 2001 : "Antibody responses to recombinant proteins and synthesised carbohydrates in human toxocariasis: assessment of potential in immunodiagnostic assay"

Before 2001

Records from before 2001 are incomplete due to data file problems - please help us fill in the gaps!

 Bryn Jones, Immunology Honours 2000 : "Antibody responses to potential vaccine antigens in human filariasis"

James Wells, Immunology Honours 1999 : :Modulation of Antigen-Presenting cell function by Nematodes"

Andrew Doedens, Indiana University 1998 : "Mucins from Toxocara canis"

Keith Hayward, Immunology Honours, 1998 : "Cytokine responses to Nippostrongylus"

Anita van den Biggelaar, Diploma Student from Leiden University, 1997 : A TGFbeta receptor from Brugia malayi".  Now at Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Perth, Australia.

Eleanor Duff, Wellcome Trust Rotation Project, Spring 1997: "Do Th3 cells exist?"

David Hume, Immunology Honours, 1997: "Intracellular staining for cytokines"

Franklin Carrero-Martinez, University of Puerto Rico, 1996; now Assistant Professor in Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Phil Riches, Immunology Honours, 1996 : "Th2 induction by Nippostrongylus secretions"

At Imperial College 1984-1995

Rene Nieves, University of Puerto Rico, 1994 "Expression of Toxocara ES Antigens"

Amanda Watson, 1992 "Characterisation of the haemoglobins in Nippostrongylus brasiliensis"

William Meacock, 1988 "The biochemical nature of surface epitopes on excretory-secretory antigens of Toxocara canis"

Catherine Lawrence, 1986: "The characterisation and immunological analysis of Onchocerca gibsoni cross-reactive protein